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    The study of motion analysis ultimately will give all sports research and training professionals the opportunity to have a platform to share and learn ideas, leading research and data, and the latest sports science discoveries for the benefit of advancing sports training and sports science.

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  • "The IMA project is a unique project in the area of motion analysis. A project to decipher in a comprehensive and integrative manner all aspects of motion analysis integrating biomechanics and physiology. I am honored to be part of this multidisciplinary team of experts engaging in the future of motion analysis."

    Dr. Inigo San Millan
    Director of the Sports Performance Program at the CU Sports Medicine and Performance

  • “We have spent over a decade learning about cycling and wattage.  We have learned the specific power requirements for every race in the world, along with how to develop winning training plans and peak an athlete exactly when they want to peak.  This has been a tremendous advance in the world of cycling.  What we haven’t learned yet is how our motion can impact our power output, and if our movements on a bicycle are truly safe and effective. Motion analysis while on the bike, in races, and in training will open up new worlds for us all again.  This is an exciting advance in the world of performance improvement. “

    Hunter Allen
    Head coach and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group

  • “The development of small, portable inertial measurement units (IMU) is revolutionizing the biomechanical study of running, cycling and other sports.”

    Dr. Rodger Kram
    Director of the Locomotion Lab University of Colorado, Boulder

  • “The ankle provides a large degree of freedom to the pedaling action. That is, the ankle can alter hip and knee angles independent of seat position. For this reason, motion analysis is essential for understanding the influence of any change in bike fit to the overall pedaling action."

    Dr. Jim Martin
    Associate Professor of Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology at the University of Utah