About IMA

About IMA

IMA strives to be the leading research center of motion analysis with focus on bringing together a group of leading industry expertise to the research of motion analysis. This platform critically appraises various sports science currently employed in elite sports and explores new frontiers in sports science. Our purpose is to identify practical implications of the established body of knowledge, while highlighting areas that require further exploration.

The study of motion analysis ultimately will give all sports research and training professionals the opportunity to have a platform to share and learn ideas, leading research and data, and the latest sports science discoveries for the benefit of advancing sports training and sports science.


Core Mission

To advance the scientific study of motion analysis, and promote the application of motion analysis research in advancing sports training and sport science.

Core Values

1. Rigorous Pursuit of Knowledge

We require of ourselves to constantly ask questions, seek out problems and look for solutions through our scientifically rigorous study of motion analysis.


2. Integrity of the Scientific Process

While partnering with key stakeholders is necessary to pursue our core mission, we will maintain an agnostic position that places the importance and value of our research above all else.


3. Challenging Accepted Practices

We exist to advance athletic training and injury prevention through the study of motion analysis. Challenging the status quo drives the direction of our scientific research.


4. Education of Influencers

Our research is only meaningful when it is effectively conveyed to coaches, trainers and other researchers, and then applied in real world settings.