About Motion Analysis

What is Motion Analysis?

The study of motion analysis ultimately provides sports research and training professionals essential information for the advancement of sport science and sports training methodologies. Until recently, motion analysis has been an overlooked metric in the pursuit of sports performance optimization. IMA aims to change that paradigm.

Motion Analysis is one of the latest tools to help athletes improve the efficiency and efficacy of their training regimins. Through real time 3D tracking of motion, athletes are provided with a more complete picture of their training efforts. Eventually, motion analysis will be applied in competitive settings, similar to the evolution of power meters in cycling.

"The IMA project is a unique project in the area of motion analysis. A project to decipher in a comprehensive and integrative manner all aspects of motion analysis integrating biomechanics and physiology. I am honored to be part of this multidisciplinary team of experts engaging in the future of motion analysis."

Dr. Inigo San Millan
Director of the Sports Performance Program, University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center